Welcome to Maize Trans-Net!

    Welcome to the Maize Transition Skills Network (Maize TransNet)! This is a small, safe, and friendly place where students can develop the skills needed to be successful in their vocational and independent living choices. The administration and staff do everything possible to help students make a positive transition from public school services to their individual choices for adult living outcomes.

    Our staff is dedicated to helping students learn skills that enhance their chances for success in vocational and independent living settings. We follow the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and establish close communication with the parents and agencies that care for and serve our students. Our staff strives to maintain a safe and affirming environment in which to learn. We want to help students transition to their adult living choices when they are able to demonstrate the skills necessary to be successful in that setting.

The Maize TransNet programs are guided by the desire to promote the success of each student in the areas of vocational and independent living skills, self-confidence, self-advocacy and self-determination, and peer and family relationships. In addition, program staff will foster the development of a positive self-image, behavioral self-supports, and personal social skills along with a sense of independence. We encourage students to develop and use skills consistent with their physical, cognitive and emotional stregths. Staff will provide instruction that will help each student discover their unique learning styles and individual gifts and to help the students share those gifts with others

A priority of the program is to develop the behaviors and coping skills required to meet the expectations of an adult world of employment, learning, and independent living. The student’s individual goals will be designed by their IEP team to develop these skills over a period of time before being fully integrated into their adult living outcomes. At the Maize TransNet, we foster an understanding and appreciation of the differences among our students. The Maize TransNet encourages parents and guardians, through periodic gatherings, to be active participants in their children's education programming.